Tripp Lite systems stop damaging surges and filter disruptive line noise, as well as correct power during a brownout. Their main function, however, is to guarantee - through the use of battery backup - that constant power is supplied to equipment during blackout. Select models include a wide range of additional features: 1- and 2- line phone/DSL surge protection; battery replacement doors; expandable battery capabilities; rackmount designs; multiple communication ports; power management software and more.
208V 3-Phase UPS – Product Offering  (30+ Models)
Key Features
20K     30K     40K           60K           80K           100K           120K           140K           160kVA
S&M Biz - Server Rooms/Closets  Dedicated IT Space in small businesses and in mixed-use buildings with ≤ 80 kW in IT load
S&M Data Centers Light industrial and Large corporate networks with loads of ≤ 400 kW in IT load or 33 IT racks with 12kW/rack
SV 20/40/60/80/100/ 120/140kVA Modular/Scalable Unity PF 98%  ECO Efficiency NON-Parallelable WebCard LX inc’d.
SUT 20/30K
SV 20K
SV 60K
SV 80K
SV 100KL
SV 120KL
SV 140KL
SUT 20/30/40/60kVA Monolithic Unity PF 98% ECO Efficiency Parallelable x 4 WebCardLX option No Built-in Maint. Bypass
SUT 40/60K
SV 40K
… PDUs
Small 20 – 60kVA H 58.1” x W 23”.6 x D 43.3” 40kVa and N+1 1-3 Power Modules 1-3 Battery Modules With or without battery modules, “0B” models
Medium 20 – 80kVA H 79.1” x W 23”.6 x D 43.3” 60kVA and N+1 1-4 Power Modules 1-4 Battery Modules With or without battery modules,  “0B” models
Large 20 – 140kVA H 79.1” x W 23”.6 x D 43.3” 140kVA and N+1 1-8 Power Modules No Internal Battery
3 basic types of UPS Systems Standby UPS System Application: Protects PCs and workstations Provide filtered, surge-protected, AC line power, switching to battery power during brownouts and blackouts. Line Interactive UPS System Application: Protect workstations, servers, datacenters and telecom/Internet working equipment Provide filtered, surge-protected AC line power, switching to battery power only during blackouts. During brownouts, these UPS systems automatically adjust voltage to normal levels, without relying on battery power. On-Line UPS System Application: Protect mission-critical servers and equipment Provide continuously filtered, surge-protected and resynthesized AC line power with a pure sine wave. Constant on-line operation provides zero transfer time to battery, protecting sensitive equipment against system crashes. They also provide higher levels of line noise filtering and correction of harmonic distortion and frequency variation.